Tools for Accurate Spraying

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Croplands have a great range of extremely useful tools for checking or upgrading the performance of your sprayer.
We provide advice and equipment to test and maintain your sprayer – to ensure your application is optimised. In
the nozzle section to follow you will find some excellent information for determining your application options in broadacre and horticulture. Plus you will find tools to make calibration and maintenance of your nozzles much easier.

Spraying Equipment & Accessories

Electronic Spray Tip Pressure Tester

$305.28 incl. GST
SKU: L-H9210

Spraying Equipment & Accessories

Nozzle Cleaner and Nozzle Multi Tool Kit

$139.63 incl. GST
SKU: L-H9220

Spraying Equipment & Accessories


$470.42 incl. GST
SKU: L-H9200
$40.92 incl. GST

Handbooks & Manuals

Spraywise Log Book

$37.75 incl. GST

Spraying Equipment & Accessories

Water Sensitive Paper

$85.88 incl. GST
SKU: 20301-1

Spraying Equipment & Accessories

Windmate ™ Hand Held Weather Meter

$365.36 incl. GST
SKU: L-H6001