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Croplands Sprayshop was a guest at AR Pumps 60 year celebration at EIMA International 2018 in Italy

Annovi Reverberi Pumps 60 Year logo

Croplands Sprayshop’s owner Greg Deck recently attended the 2018 EIMA International trade show in Italy as a guest of AR Pumps, who are celebrating 60 years of manufacturing pumps.

In 1958 Corrado Reverberi designed the first Annovi Reverberi pump: model URANIA. The same year as the Maserati Eldorado debut at the Monza Grand Prix driven by ace pilot Stirling Moss.

EIMA International Expo was held from 7th – 11th November in Bologna. Almost 50,000 people went through the doors over the 5 days. The event showcased products like Agriculture Processing Machinery, Chemical Fertilising & Spraying Equipment, Crop Cleaning, Grading, Weighing & Harvesting Machinery, Grain Processing Machinery, Industrial Feed Stuff Production, Irrigation Systems & Equipment etc. in the Agriculture & Forestry industry.

Greg says attending the EIMA Show was a fantastic experience. “There was a huge range of sprayer manufacturers to look at, as well a large number of component suppliers. It was great to see New Zealand is keeping up with what Europe has to offer in terms of Horticulture spray equipment.  Innovation to look out for was around the web-based, touchscreen – GPS,  auto rate spray control unit providing all of the information from the sprayer itself back to a central point – capturing the following information for both managers and marketers; chemical applied, water rate, sprayed area (specific rows), date and time.  Keep an eye out for what Arag and Braglia bring to the market in the next 6 – 12 months.”

You can watch the Annovi Reverberi 60 year celebration video here.

Greg’s grabbed a bit of footage at the show, you can watch Greg’s video too.