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Croplands Quantum Mist Smart Spray

For decades the Croplands Quantum Mist™ sprayer has been leading the way in vineyard crop protection.

Highly regarded by corporate, contractors and vineyard owners alike, the Quantum Mist™ has long achieved industry leading spray coverage.

So how does the best grape sprayer get even better?

“We listened to our customers” says Sean Mulvaney, Croplands General Manager.

“Last year we welcomed customer focus groups into Croplands Head Office in Adelaide and, together with the Croplands Product Portfolio and Marketing teams, we discussed our ideas and experiences”.

The hard work began and a new premium model Quantum Mist™ was designed with the aim to raise the bar in vineyard sprayers.

The heart and soul of any sprayer is the ability to penetrate the canopy and create maximum coverage to the crop. The new QM-420 produces even more turbulent, directional air and will replace the current QM-380 fan.

With the addition of a specially designed Dual spray ring (patent pending) flexible spray rates are now achieved without compromising on spray droplet quality.

“Customers are time poor and don’t always change spray nozzles when they should. This new dual spray ring design allows the operator to apply a low, medium and higher rate without changing nozzles. Potential drift is reduced as droplet quality is maintained with a more consistent spray pressure” Sean adds.

The fans are now set in a newly designed Fan Frame.

Available in two or three fans per frame the customer can select the best combination to suit trellis size and tractor specifications.

“This new design allows precise fan positioning, something our customers have always wanted for total peace of mind”.

Precision row width settings and fan positioning from the cordon wire are achieved with the new Fusion Controller.

Combining a full-colour touch screen and integrated joystick control, sprayer and boom functions are easily navigated and executed.

Optional Upwind and Downwind air speed control via the Fusion controller is another industry-leading feature.

To complete the brief Croplands have developed an optional, modulated Recapture System. Unlike traditional fixed systems currently on the market this has flexibility.

Inner only OR inner and outer Smart screens reduce potential drift and return captured spray back to the main product tank.

“A Recapture solution is something our corporate and bigger customers will be excited with. This new modulated design means the system can be removed later in the season when the benefits of recapture reduce. This means spray coverage is never compromised”.

“We are extremely excited to be releasing these new sprayer innovations to the market for the 2019 season. The best grape sprayer really has got even better” declares Sean.

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