Sprayer Servicing

Cropliners in workshop for servicing

If you would like to book your sprayer in for servicing or maintenance please give us a call or use our online booking enquiry form.

You will need to follow these guidelines when preparing to bring in your sprayers.

  1. Cleaning and Flushing – All sprayers must be cleaned and flushed before coming in for any servicing work. If they haven’t been cleaned and flushed we will be asking for them to be taken away and returned when clean.
  2. Safety Chains –  These must be used for transporting sprayers to and from our yard. We are required to fit one to any unit brought in without a safety chain . If you don’t want a safety chain fitted we must be notified on delivery of the sprayer.
  3. Sprayer Drop-off – All customers need to report to the front office when dropping off a sprayer. This enables us to check the unit has been cleaned and so we can record the sprayer number and the person dropping the sprayer off.
  4. Pickup Point – We have made a small change to the pickup of sprayers – sprayers ready for pickup will now be stored in the back yard on the right hand side. This is opposite the drop off point.

Need Parts? If you know the parts you are after, feel free to order online for delivery direct to you, or give us a call in advance so we can get your parts ready for you to pickup at your convenience.